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June 1st, 2013 2 comments

Jp fonts patch mentioned in the previous post, fully tested and working without issues.

European region support is only for English. If you are using german or french client you can contact me for assistance to switch to English.

To use the tool, use the menu Tools/Install Japanese Crit Font.

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Coming soon, 1-click Jp Crit font installer

May 31st, 2013 2 comments

Many users asked me for this, so here it is, I’ll post a patch in a few days with this.

It works for American, European (English) and Russian clients. If you play Korean/Chinese/Japanese and want your client supported as well, please contact me as I will need some info about your Aion files for that.

German/French clients won’t be supported, switch to English please.

32513 clipboard

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Small update – Pando “Media Booster”

May 29th, 2013 1 comment
  • Small patch with some small bug fixes
  • Added a check on start-up for US Aion’s “Pando Media Booster”. This program is required by their launcher whenever there is a patch to the client, and stays installed after the update, stealing bandwidth from players’ computers without their knowledge. ARM will now always check for this on start up and give a warning to the unaware players.

Needless to say, you should uninstall this after every update, through control panel, programs and features, locate “Pando..” and uninstall.

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Hackforge staff: “our computers have viruses”

May 28th, 2013 3 comments

What hope is left for our accounts security when the staff themselves admit to not being able to secure their own computers? They have mod and admin powers to manage your account, with the forum and game account being linked and the same.

Then someone gets their game account hacked, and the staff is quick to point fingers elsewhere “our systems are safe, you probably got trojans or bought gold or used hacking apps”, while it’s more than apparent for already 15 months of “service” their systems are the most unsafe I’ve ever seen in the history of mmo publishers.

2013-05-28 - 14.25.58 ~ capture ~ [Mazui]_Hyouka_-_11.5_[3C10E2F9] - MPC-BE x64 - v1.1.0.1 -dev


Look also what this guy said, pure technological wisdom

don’t install Java unless you really need it. That whole thing is just a big mess. Someone can even mess up your registry entries through that.

I don’t think I’ve read such a nonsensical noobish rubbish comment like that for a very very long time, this guy screams of “I know as much about computers and stuff as a rat”. This is one of the support staff banning forum and game accounts under “multi-accounting” offenses, none of which he was ever able to prove to anyone.

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hackforge reviews

May 21st, 2013 No comments
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User emails

May 18th, 2013 4 comments

Subject: French community feels bad

I’m an Elyos on Urtem server.
I just wanted to warn you that on the French forum, players become increasingly aggressive against Gameforge.
Some players try to put pressure on Gameforge
Link articles in which players strike action on games to change company policies

You can Try to read these Topics :

Players are tired of seeing that Gameforge does nothing they want to Try to make a “sitting” in Poeta like the Chinese aion players

in some topics Eoghan our CM not even answer questions from players …

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1.8 beta

May 14th, 2013 4 comments
  • Removed hacker warnings
  • Removed most of the blocked players, with some exceptions

New feature (BETA): triggers feature has been improved:

You can now setup various actions to trigger when found in the log, and the window does not need to remain open unlike was the case before.
Possible actions:

  • Tray warning message
  • Play MP3 file
  • Flash tray button

You can set this up to play a sound for example when you are silenced in PVP, simply select the mp3 file for every action you want to trigger. You can observe the various messages from the log with the Raw log window (tools/capture raw log) to further extend your list of triggers.

2013-05-14 - 03.13.53 ~ capture ~ Triggers

2013-05-14 - 02.49.17 ~ capture ~ AddEdit Trigger



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NC US server prices

May 5th, 2013 No comments


Difference US/EU

  • Mboost27: 150k / 1-1,5kk
  • Mres14: 120k / 1-1,5kk
  • Crit17: 220k / 1-1,5kk
  • Atk5: 350k / 1kk
  • Silence gs: 80kk / 160kk
  • L90: 6.4kk / 10kk
  • L95: 11.3kk / 16-20kk
  • L100: 15kk / 30kk
  • L110: 18kk / 40-60kk

AionUSprices01 AionUSprices02 AionUSprices03 AionUSprices04 AionUSprices05 AionUSprices06 AionUSprices07 AionUSprices08 AionUSprices10 AionUSprices09


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small update

May 2nd, 2013 No comments
  • Restored full telemachus asmodian hacker lists.

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Gameforge staff clueless about the game, can’t even check server logs

April 25th, 2013 No comments

Got this from a friend earlier. He was simply asking for the new arena times GF specifically set after the recent update, they should know.. right? seems not.





Furthermore, they don’t even check server logs for hack reports or anything, while they claim they do, there is more than enough evidence they don’t: they always ask for screenshots and videos even for reports about insults, if you don’t send a screenshot they say they can’t do anything, but won’t admit to not having the skills to check the server logs. As it stands, 3v3 and chaos arenas are completely immune to cheaters.

We don’t have a clue“, priceless.

2013-03-14 - 20.18.01 ~ capture


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