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April 22nd, 2013 No comments

2013-04-22 - 20.13.50 ~ capture ~ BattlePing

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Gameforge: “we make money from bots and hackers so we don’t ban them”

April 22nd, 2013 1 comment

2013-04-22 - 12.51.51 ~ capture ~ BattlePing


which means something like

5. On Private server they can ban bots and cheaters because they don’t make money with the customers, but we make money so we cant ban the bots and cheaters.

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Gameforge “3.9” patch: worst move ever

April 18th, 2013 3 comments

Gameforge redefined the word fail with yesterday’s update. To everyone’s shock, they screwed up even worse than anyone could ever imagine or expect.
You are a shame to all European gamers and videogame companies, you put this region to shame.


  • Live stream event was a bullshit facade full of lies and avoiding all questions. The project lead/manager didn’t even know half the basic things about the game, “I’ll have to ask that”, “ehh I don’t know”, “I’m not sure..”
  • We still didn’t get level 60 rifting
  • We still didn’t get a normal FTS
  • We still can’t socket armors
  • We still can’t use blue manastones
  • Instance that should be 12h became 46h (for subscription users, 112h for others)
  • Tons of bugs and misstranslations, maps in game are even in Korean
  • Noone has an idea of “new” arena times, if they were even changed (we have 4 hours less than US)


amongst other crap they pulled

Congratulations GF, you beat everyone’s expecations on how much you could fail with this.

Can you imagine what they’ll pull with 4.0? :D

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European FTS is a success (not)

April 18th, 2013 2 comments

So FTS finally arrived to Europe, with no exp bonus. Bots will rejoice now, total freedom to farm.

12:27:48: You->x: i wanted to level my sm with fts
12:27:57: You->x: but we have it nerfed, no double exp like US
12:28:10: x: Yeah and it’s lonely. :(
12:28:42: x: It’s like being deaf and blind… another server even. :(

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April 18th, 2013 No comments

Updated ARM to correctly start the new Aion client for the European patch 3.0.2 launched today.

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Europe gets patch 3.0.2 tomorrow.

April 16th, 2013 1 comment

Rejoice European players, we are finally getting 3.0.2 tomorrow!

You heard it’s 3.9? Wrong:

  • 3.1 was supposed to bring FTS and higher drop rates: didn’t happen
  • 3.5 still didn’t have FTS or higher rates, and arena times were even decreased
  • 3.7/3.9: still no FTS. (we get FTS with normal exp. when it should be double as in US and every other zone, so it’s unusable). Missing higher drop rates in TF/TS (US have already 300% general higher rates than EU). Higher instance CDs. and a lot more differences..

Here are the EU official (amateur) notes, from the official staff:

The notes are extremely messy, misstranslated (probably google translate), some parts left in german, many things not even mentioned (3v3 arena?), korean client screenshots, some parts shamefully copied from the US notes (US instance names in these notes..), what a shame.

Is this where the staff wages go to? They even talk to the community as if we should be thankful they are barely doing their job..

Here are the proper US notes, at least they are understandable:


Forum threads:

2013-04-16 - 16.40.18 ~ capture ~ COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater

2013-04-16 - 16.40.30 ~ capture ~ COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater


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European model prevents p2w (not)

April 11th, 2013 3 comments

Did you know in Europe we pay a subscription model (gold pack) for $13/month? they call it “free to play” however.

This is the reasoning behind the free-to-play-but-still-pay-sub model, according to our publisher:

2013-04-11 - 16.43.48 ~ capture ~ $activewindow


And this is the reality:

2013-04-11 - 16.59.50 ~ capture ~ $activewindow


insta-spam when u enter sanctum/pande

2013.04.08 19:03:26 : [charname:Jntdykj;0.9490 0.3961 0.1333] Shouts: <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === 100M = 8 EUR 100M = 8 EUR
2013.04.08 19:03:29 : [charname:Sfdgfdr;0.9490 0.3961 0.1333] Shouts: WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.Aionbank.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === 50M+10%=4.8EUR 11
2013.04.08 19:03:34 : [charname:Jntdykj;0.9490 0.3961 0.1333] Shouts: <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === <WWW.*.COM> === 100M = 8 EUR 100M = 8 EUR
2013.04.08 19:03:35 : [charname:Sfdgfdr;0.9490 0.3961 0.1333] Shouts: WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === WWW.*.COM === 50M+10%=4.8EUR 11

also related:


Wanna make a guess why they all hack in this legion and never got ban? :D

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Gameforge is deceiving us all

March 28th, 2013 3 comments

Have you ever got a ban in GF forums for saying we have lower drop rates than NC US? Yes? and the lovely mod said something like “you got warned for spreading lies about gameforge”.
It’s all too common since a year ago when people noticed ESO runs were giving approx. 30% of what we used to get before the move to GF. Today I was talking to a friend who plays in the US with NC, and it went like this: (screenshot is from a Euro server)



[05:01:05] x: wow…I had a blue the other day and easily got 42k out of it alone…
[05:11:16] x: wow….
[05:11:20] x: I had a gold once
[05:11:22] x: 126k
[05:11:24] x: :/
[05:11:28] x: gameforge /sigh
[05:11:50] x: jesus XD
[05:11:55] x: on a bad day i had 76k

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How Gameforge destroyed servers economy

March 28th, 2013 No comments

Here’s a clear example of the results of Gameforge’s mismanagement of the European servers, through awful business practices, bad item shop decisions, corruption, insane prices, lower drop rates than NC, lower socketing rates, tolerance for hackers/botters/RMT, etc, all so they can profit more from players’ stupidity and abuse them as long they can.

US servers where players can actually enjoy the game:

50781 clipboard



Euro servers:


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March 25th, 2013 4 comments
  • Some small bugfixes
  • Removed some boss names used by players, as they were being ignored by the parser. So now you will see them in the meter as if they were players, but you can block them anytime by right-clicking on the playerbox/”Ban Player (permanent)” and they won’t up again (the players either). You can unblock them in the main menu settings/”Edit banned players”.
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