How ExitLag beats the competition

Have you tried ExitLag? their tunneling protocol supports up to 4 TCP or UDP connections at the same time, which adjust dynamically in real time as you play. If the server you are connected to is experiencing lag spikes or a better route is determined, your connection will be automatically re-routed through another server without getting disconnected from the game. Give it a try for free:

Recent issues with Google/chrome flagging my website

Kinda unaware Google was recently flagging for containing “malware”, which turned out to be the syscfg editor being compressed with mpress, which seems to trigger with quite a few of the least popular (worst) antivirus as they don’t properly decompress the binaries before the analysis. If you get my exe (now compressed with UPX), unpack it, submit it to Virustotal: clean; compress it with mpress, submit: few crappy AV’s think it’s malware (some trigger with UPX as well but to a lesser extent).

After re-uploading the exe with UPX instead Google has cleared their false trigger.


2016-01-28 - 02.05.19 ~ capture

All you need is (low) ping

With Ripforge recent update to their trimmed version of 4.6.2 (missing lots of content), the latest Aion client available to Europe brings “NC Ping” feature in the system options.

Many people think this will magically improve their connection to the awful servers GF are running in Germany, but here’s the truth:

“NC Ping” is nothing more than what “ARM Latency Fix” and “Leatrix” and similar apps have been doing for years: a simple modification in the Windows registry for some network settings, that’s all it does.

If you want to improve your ping, your best option is still Exitlag:

Reduce your ping

Did you know, your dps and being fast in pvp depends -mostly- on your ping. People with 20-40ms have a extreme advantage over others with better gear but worse ping like 70-80 and higher. Have you noticed how average players (even clickers) who don’t even do anything but PVE still manage to do some decent dps? It’s all because of low ping.

If your ISP sucks like mine, there are some ways you can improve it a little:

1) Request your ISP to change your ADSL from “Interleaving” to “FastPath”.

This can in many cases go as far as halving your ping, or reduce it by 40-50 or more, but many ISPs don’t want to do it (like mine).

2) Change some Windows’ registry settings called TCPAckFrequency/TCPNoDelay/MSMQ.

You have probably heard of “Leatrix” and recently others like Nima or something like that.. all these apps do the same, they modify these registry settings in Windows. ARM does it as well, going even one step further than those with a setting they don’t change. In my case this reduced my ping from 300-350 to ~150

In ARM you can use this in the Help menu > Ping/Latency fix. You must run ARM as admin for this, and then click on “Fix all…” if it’s enabled.

2014-09-01 - 08.58.41 ~ capture

3) Use a proxy service like Exitlag.

This is the option that will help the most. A big issue with your connection to the game servers is the routing, your data hops through servers at many different locations, which adds more and more delay on each jump. With Exitlag what you are doing is connecting to their servers instead, and from there on they relay your connection to the game server through different paths than your ISP would otherwise choose, and they greatly optimize the way your data is sent to them. Even if you have a low ping without it, due to Gameforge using very cheap servers and throttling connections from outside Germany, you might often have lag spikes and general stability issues.

My ping right now without BP, at around 9AM CET in the morning, just idle in Sanctum with almost no one around:

2014-09-01 - 08.58.30 ~ capture

with BP:

2014-09-01 - 09.05.35 ~ capture

Can you see the difference?

1) lower ping
2) stable ping without spikes


Aion hackers

Stumbled upon an interesting post today in the NA forums:

There are a very large number of players on the Siel Asmo side that I gamed with when I first started that I met in IRC. They were called “pro” by basically everyone who ever played with them.

As I began to get to know these people, they invited me to their inner circle, where they explained the basic functioning of the most common hacks:

1) Radar hacking, a hack that displays the distance between yourself and a number of other registered items that overlays your in game screen.

2) No animation hacking – and here is where people who have never hacked and have no friends who admit to it fall short of assessing this problem.

A) No animation hacking does not work simply by turning the animation on, or off. It is not a 100% or 0% item. It has settings ranging from 1-1000. Most of the players I PVP’d with left their setting at 195. This gave the appearance that they were not hacking, but sped up their animations enough to be in line with what we generally associate with “WoW” or Word of Wind. This means that their animations would cancel fast enough that they could spam skills at the same speed they could if they were buffed with WoW.

– Want to test this? Have two players that keybind their skills and are considered “skilled” i.e. fast key presses. Next, knock this player down with a templar or glad. A hacking templar or gladiator will be able to get off 1-2 kd skills before the non hacking opponent is able to remove shock. Also, it works in the reverse, if a player is so fast on their remove shock that you see them stumble, but are unable to use your KD skill because they cancelled the animation on the remove shock, i.e. they are still stumbled on screen, but they are already auto attacking and or casting their remove shock skill before you can even breakpower or w/e that glad skill is, they are hacking. This is not a “no that person is just faster”….. No, you’re lying, and you’re a hacker if you agree with that statement, the fact is, that player, who somehow magically presses their remove shock and KD skills faster than any other opponent could without WoW, is hacking. They’ve turned their animation setting to a low value to avoid being caught openly, and they’ve made it so you can barely draw a line between a hacker and a legitimately good player.

B) This hack setting can not be applied to “1000” for melee users. By putting it at “1000” you run the risk of your melee animations being so fast that your skill presses from your keyboard get negated for auto attacks. Therefore you can’t use skills because youre to busy auto attacking at “FLASH” speed.

3) Speed hacks – this is more of a teleportation hack that increases your characters run speed to the point where you gain a .3 to .4 edge in being able to stay on target. At it’s lowest settings a leather class will appear to be un-kiteable due to their natural run speed buffs, at it’s highest setting the opposing player will teleport around.

4) No gravity – this hack makes it so that your character stops in a position above the playable ground. It eliminates the rules of gravity.

5) No Clip – this allows players to walk through walls, and is a major way people in the level 50 range (hacking twinks etc.) farm hexway and other instances.

6) Autpot/Chain skil – ever feel like someone is always able to FE your IJ? Or always knows the exact moment to press an AP pot / heal pot to maximize their use of second wind or emp armor? That can be in relation to this, which triggers skill use upon other deciding factors. Because the chat log in Aion registers a skill cast before it takes place – a player using this hack can Focused Evade upon the signal from the chat log that the opponent has used Doom Lure. The program then automatically casts Focus Evade, and voila, you just FE’d doom lure like a magician pro that is just so great at this game.

How do you prove these things? It’s legit not possible, if it was, they wouldn’t be in game or exist.

The problem I have Vinley, is that, these players I’m referencing, that taught me all of this information? They used to say the same things you’re saying now to the public.

“LOL everyone thinks im a Hacker because they just suck”

“I don’t know why people accuse me of hacking, they’re just bad”

Also, let’s not mention that you can hack while streaming and it would be oblivious to the casual gamer or even those people who don’t have the intimate knowledge I’ve stated above. You would just simply minimize the program and play in full screen. It hides itself so that if you were to take a screenshot it just appears as a random window on your desktop. They fixed this after that one templar from Israphel got himself busted.

So I’m sorry if I take your post with a grain of salt. The fact is, if you were a hacker, your post would be exactly the best kind of post to make to defend yourself from NCSoft.

“See NCSoft, I’m not hacking, you can’t physically prove it, and I already warned you that people accuse me of hacking because they’re just bad!”