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Update: new command/feature: rank check

December 23rd, 2016 No comments

You can now right-click on players and select “Check player rank” or type a command in game:

.rank mika-antriksha (5-char abbreviations work too “Antri”) or “.rank mika” if your current server is Antri and it will launch the player rank page at if the player is 1-Star or higher.

Thanks to for the collaboration.

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Aion guides: 71 to 75 in 3 days

December 19th, 2016 1 comment
  • Step 1: wait for next alchemist event
  • Step 2: spend around 20-21k euro in the shop (exp amulets, tea of repose, stars, reset scrolls..)
  • Step 3: profit

That’s what happened in Antri asmo side (governor)

Gameforge 2012 when they took over EU: “we won’t have any p2w, only cosmetic stuff”

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November 30th, 2016 No comments

Turned 64-bit launch option back on by default and removed the warning.

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Lost in translation

November 17th, 2016 11 comments

Ever wondered what all the mentally handicapped people spamming other languages in group chat are saying? fret no more, ARM is here to help.

Added “.gt” in-game command. This can be used in 2 ways:

  • “.gt blah blah” this will open google translate with “blah blah” in your browser with Auto->English
  • “.gt” this will open the GT again but with the last 5 lines found in the chat (group/ally/say etc, except for whispers/lfg)



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November 11th, 2016 11 comments

Some changes to the EU automatic login option:

Holding CTRL before starting the client (from ARM) has this effect:

  • If Aion is already running, it will still use the login/pass (else it won’t, to avoid getting 1st client dc’ed)
  • If Aion is not running, it won’t use the login
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NA Data.pak 5.1 v2

November 10th, 2016 No comments

New NA pak is ready with the latest fixes from EU pak (broker last row etc) and all the updates from live NA 5.1 (they updated yesterday).


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NA Data.pak for EU 5.1 is here

October 21st, 2016 No comments

This took more work than usual since NA are still on 5.0, so I couldn’t just take their files and swap them, I made a special app to “convert” the EU pak , getting all the NA data I wanted while keeping the new items from EU 5.1.

Get it on the downloads page!

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Update for 5.1, NA pak

October 20th, 2016 5 comments
  • Added a setting on Main Settings/Launcher>”Remove daily offers…” to remove the shop window that appears next to the EU 5.1 broker (only works if you launch Aion from ARM)
  • Added a warning for 64-bit client launch (5.1 is a mess, use 32-bit for now)
  • New .mss (Magic Supression) mob data for 5.1 EU

I have a 5.1 NA Data.pak ready which I’m currently testing.


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Windows10 “Always On Top” fix

October 18th, 2016 2 comments
  • Temporal workaround for the issue where the Windows taskbar would remain visible while Aion was on Windowed-Fullscreen mode if ARM was set to be always on top. (Apparently a future W10 update fixes this normally, already in the Insider builds)
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Gameforge gives ~2K game-breaking potions.. to just a few players

October 15th, 2016 No comments

Maybe you haven’t heard about this if you don’t visit the forums or check their website much, this is what happened:

For the birthday event Gameforge gave everyone 2000 Cellatu pots, 1k for HP, 1k for MP, unaware that these pots also remove 3 debuffs as opposed to just 2 with the normal ones. Upon realizing their “mistake” they decided to take 95% of the pots away on the next maintenance, leaving players with just 50 of each.

Cellatu pots

So what happened? they didn’t put much thought into the script that would run through the database to check players’ inventory and remove the items: some players who had a large amount of the pots previously obtained through their wallet (buying keys for shugo etc) had ALL of their pots taken away, even 4K of them, but the worst part… the script didn’t check for all of the inventory slots, it stopped after finding these pots in 1, so if someone had split theirs in separate stacks.. only one of the stacks got removed:

So imagine someone doing something like this, maybe in piles of 50 each:


they would get to keep 950 of the pots, x2 = 1900 of these OP pots vs the rest of players who were left with 50, creating a situation of huge unfair disadvantage vs those with the 50 vs those who kept most.

How did GF fix it? they didn’t, they won’t, they said they will leave this as is, nice huh.

we decided to not run another removal of the items

we checked the numbers of how many players were actually affected by this and

^ “we know who kept them but can’t be arsed to fix our mistake”

this was our mistake and we want to apologize for the situation. We hope for your understanding.

Yeah well, our “understanding” won’t fix the unfair situation you created for us, so go and fix it, this is inexcusable.

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