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Did you think they perma ban hackers?

June 8th, 2016 No comments

Going through my old mailbox :)

2016-06-08 - 13

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Usage tip: how to recover some fight

May 5th, 2016 No comments

Lil tip about one of the cool things you can do with ARM. Let’s say you want to check a fight you had earlier in the day but you have already cleared the data and you didn’t save the session, here’s what you can do:

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4.9.1 pak ready

April 27th, 2016 4 comments

Install as usual.

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Design your own ARM UI

April 23rd, 2016 No comments

Starting from next version there is a major change in the interface, mostly the player “boxes” are gonna be generated in a very different way which will result in a much faster and smoother operation during sieges or busy times with lots of players.

You will be able to fully customize it by simply editing a XML where you can choose what to include, where to place each text, what colors, how big, kinda like scripting your own UI by specifying step by step how to ~draw it.

I would welcome ideas/drafts/sketches of what you would like to see in the new UI, please post your ideas here in the forum:

Here’s a sample/test:

2016-04-23 - 10.53.39 ~ ARM 2.3 [EU]

2016-04-23 - 10.46.42 ~ ARM 2.3 [EU]

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April 21st, 2016 No comments
  • Removed all cheating apps detection, ARM will now work whatever you are using
  • Removed forced-updates, you won’t need to forcibly update anymore
  • Removed “Generate hacker report” and “Send hacker report” functions
  • Updated OpenSSL libraries (only in the full installer)
  • Fixed Imgur uploader (they disabled v2 api) + faster uploads
  • High-DPI support, screenshots and ARM’s windows should display correctly on high-dpi settings like 4K displays on W10
  • Added a few visual styles (themes), under Settings/Visual Styles

Next version (2.5 or 3.0) will come out as a beta with a new (and customizable) display for players data (will be much faster/smoother on sieges etc)

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4.9 NA Data.pak is up for EU/RU

February 26th, 2016 1 comment


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New NA.pak

February 3rd, 2016 1 comment

New NA.pak is ready with the new server names and latest EU pak stuff.

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Recent issues with Google/chrome flagging my website

January 28th, 2016 3 comments

Kinda unaware Google was recently flagging for containing “malware”, which turned out to be the syscfg editor being compressed with mpress, which seems to trigger with quite a few of the least popular (worst) antivirus as they don’t properly decompress the binaries before the analysis. If you get my exe (now compressed with UPX), unpack it, submit it to Virustotal: clean; compress it with mpress, submit: few crappy AV’s think it’s malware (some trigger with UPX as well but to a lesser extent).

After re-uploading the exe with UPX instead Google has cleared their false trigger.


2016-01-28 - 02.05.19 ~ capture

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Update 2.3

January 24th, 2016 3 comments
  • You can now resize the window horizontally.
  • Added to links in the Help menu (check player ranks).
  • You can launch NotAion from ARM again (Tools/Run)
  • Server selection settings revamped:

You can configure 3 different clients and easily switch between EU/NA/NotAion, with each having their own client path, faction and characters names separately. You will have to enter your character names again after the update.

2016-01-24 - 12.48.42 ~ capture

2016-01-24 - 12.45.15 ~ capture

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January 9th, 2016 1 comment

Fixed Sandblaster and Magic Implosion for EU 4.8

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