Status update on localization and client support:

I keep receiving emails asking to support other clients than English and to translate the program itself. This is the current status:

App translation: will never happen.


  • French/German: will never happen. Users of those useless clients can use English just fine.
  • Russian: unlikely. You can use US NC datapack to make ARM work with russian client.
  • Chinese: never.
  • Japanese: unlikely, not sure how alive the game is there, and it’s hard to find jp people with even basic English to help.
  • Korean: 100% willing to support Korean client. If you are korean and can speak fluent English and provide me with the means to connect to Korean servers and help me thoroughly with the translation, please contact me.

More on Gameforge GM corruption in Telemachus UnderG legion

GM corruption and abuse keeps going in European servers.

Following up on the theft of user accounts by GMs and banning people at will cause they lost in arenas, they go on to banning people who fight against their legion on world bosses:

[20:35:58] Ξούλης: We
[20:35:59] Ξούλης: were
[20:36:02] Ξούλης: at Sunayaka
[20:36:03] Ξούλης: right now
[20:36:07] Ξούλης: and
[20:36:10] Ξούλης: underG
[20:36:16] Ξούλης: outdpsed us we got there at 80%
[20:36:21] Ξούλης: and
[20:36:24] Ξούλης: Warzone
[20:36:25] Ξούλης: said
[20:36:26] Ξούλης: to me
[20:36:29] Ξούλης: ai gamisou gamogido
[20:36:37] Ξούλης: which means fuck you fucking animal coat etc
[20:36:43] Ξούλης: and I said
[20:36:54] Ξούλης: ai psofa zwifio
[20:36:58] Ξούλης: which means go fucking die animal
[20:37:01] Ξούλης: 1 MINUTE
[20:37:01] Ξούλης: LATER
[20:37:06] Ξούλης: I AM SUSPENDED
[20:37:08] Ξούλης: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
[20:37:14] Ξούλης: 1 MINUTE
[20:37:15] Ξούλης: LATER
[20:37:18] Ξούλης: I GOT SUSPENDED
[20:37:21] Ξούλης: THEY GOT A GM

Hello x,

Account x has been suspended for 3 days for attempting to steal the world boss from other alliances. The ban will end on Nov 18, 2012 8:27:21 PM.


Hello x,

Your account is banned for 3 days.
Reason: T&Cs, 12.4. b substantially affect the game experience of other players. Instead of playing together, you tried to steal Boss Sunkaya from other alliances.

Please remeber this is your first sanction. If you keep doing this, it will add up.

If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Update on Gameforge corruption

Here’s a follow-up to the previous posts about how GMs in Gameforge are abusing their status and stealing user accounts:

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If you just started playing on GF servers, I suggest you give US NC a try instead if your ping there isn’t too high, the future for this game in Europe looks pretty bad.

Gameforge mods unfairly banning accounts

Apparently you can have someone’s game account banned with Gameforge, simply make a forum account under a similar name to someone else’s and pretend to be them. Shortly after you’ll receive a forum account ban, both on your account and the person you impersonate, along with a threat to close also the victim’s in-game account. Go try!

Feels as if GF are staffing 10 year old kids.

Massive GM corruption and abuse of power at Gameforge

This European publisher we were forced into keeps reaching new lows of how bad they manage the company and the staff they choose to run it.

A few days ago someone was banned in Telemachus, simply for gliding the fear inside 1-1 arena. The sm in question was a member of the legion UnderG, well known for having a GM playing with them, so either that sm was the GM, or he told their GM right away, seeing as the other player got banned before the arena was even over, he got force dc’ed mid arena and next login attempt he was already banned.

Upon contacting support they were reticent at first: the support guy said he was unsure about gliding to avoid fear was an exploit but that he would trust the other GMs who did the ban. Upon further moving things around and talking to the CM, he got unbanned, as the issue gained some awareness.

More details:

So be aware, legion UnderG in Telemachus has a GM playing with them who’s abusing his power, keep this in mind whenever you see a member around.