3.96 Beta 1

  • Updated all EU and NA clients
  • New setting: UI Scale for player boxes (enlarge the display for player info)
  • New UI Style for big displays with larger fonts etc
  • New tool (beta test phase): Gear Sets
  • Data/Session info window with some stats

With this tool you can easily compare stats between different sets, like 50 vs 55 abyss etc, and see full stats information about the entire items library. You can also use it to find the gear items with the most base or bonus magic boost for example with the Sort function, and save custom presets, as well as quickly load every possible gear set for the current client.

The new tool is only available for EU/NA Classic and EuroAion for now.

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9 months ago

idk if its just my problem, but at the end of updating it crashes my pc

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