3.9 beta 3

  • New default style: Glow
  • New: LFG Chat plugin: read LFG and Whispers while you are away, on your phone or another remote PC
  • New: “Plugins” section in the settings. LFG chat, XML data feed and LFG Items watch have been moved here
  • New: beep sound alarm for LFG Items on sale
  • Fixed: godstones (self) for classic clients
  • Fixed: many missing icons and items in the library
  • Fixed: enchant data for classic
  • Separate colors for player warnings for “bad” and “blacklist”, both in the players display and the database
  • Changes in Item library: sorted by name, item grades fixed, search by item ID
  • Raw log window: loading an amount of KB larger than the file will now load the entire file
  • Many other fixes, mostly for classic
  • Updated NA Classic data, Updated AionEmpire to 3.0
  • Removed all private servers except for EuroAion and AionEmpire
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