ARM 3.0 update, patreon

I opened a Patreon account if you would like to support our project:

Finally the public beta with 7.0 support is here with a big list of changes, including:

  • Complete rewrite of the parser, now 40 times faster (check Help/Benchmark, 4 million lines/second in my old PC)
  • Dots, cleric energies, godstones, applied effects and some other skills are now 100% correctly identified (still some bugs)
  • Aion 7.0 support, including the Painter class
  • Added support for the German/French clients of the EU region
  • Added support for the Japanese (NC Japan) and Russian (4game – Innova) clients
  • Original client language, you don’t need to use English paks for the other clients
  • “Kill Aion” feature (Tools menu) now works with the selected client, if you have a 2nd client open for another region, it won’t be closed
  • Character lists are on a per-server list now
  • Ramdisk/chatlog move feature is also per-client (you can set a different path for each)
  • “Me” is no longer displayed for your character, instead ARM will show your real char name
  • Removed separated godstone damage report, it’s added to the total damage now
  • “JP crit font” tool now works on all regions supported by ARM (EU: English, German, French; Russia, Japan)
  • Removed “single-sm” modes
  • Removed “Pure-dps” mode
  • You can hold CTRL when launching the game (EU/JP) to enter a different user/pass to automatically login
  • New way to enable chatlog: chatlog can now be permanently enabled using a different method which the game can’t disable anymore
  • Korean client support is in, but I need a KR account to test it. Message me if you can provide that

For this version you will need an additional step to make ARM work, when needed, you will be prompted to “patch data”, you will need to enable this in the settings for each client:

The next update will bring heal meter, and then network mode will be added a bit later.

German client

Russian client

Japanese client

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nice update, rly good to NA, but it messed with the “data/dump/config.ini” removing the readonly flag(its needed to remove the loadbar).


Can you add a filter for mobs?


Hi, i always have to patch the data file, keeps saying this and don’t work, also some settings are resetting and not saving after closing and opening the program (system.cfg as read only for example).


I have managed to “fix” it, marking manually as read-only all patches files, then starting aion directly from ARM insteado using Gameforge launcher (re-download data.pak), but now i can’t use Steam interface.

Waiting for help or a fix, keep up the good work.


Hey there, thanks for the update and good job! I hope you’re doing well.