ARM 2.9 update for Aion 6.5

Major update with many fixes for the Aion 6.x client for NA/EU (there might be more issues left for NA)

  • 6.5 client support
  • AionDPS session uploads: after pveranks site closed, a new website is born: – you can now upload your game sessions here
  • Added new tool: “Magic Suppresion Tool” in the Tools menu (probably useless now)
  • Added skill icons in the Skills window and re-arranged the columns
  • Notification windows redesigned
  • Parsing speed improvements
  • New session extension: “.ArmV2”. This is now the new default extension for session files (you can still open the old ones)
  • Updated the Help menu, removing dead links and adding new ones
  • Some new options in the Settings:
    * “Set system.cgf read-only”
    * “Delete chat.log on start-up”
    * “Move” feature, explained below:

With this feature you can move the chat.log file to another location, like from your SSD to a HDD to save the lifespan of your SSD, or much better: move it to a RAMDISK. If you move the log to a ramdisk, the file will never be written to your disks, only to your RAM memory, and it’s also several times faster than even the best SSDs. Previously ARM had this feature but it wasn’t working very well (Aion client was reverting the change), now it has been improved and should work properly. Consider this a Beta release, so please inform me of any issues. (Set the RAMDisk to at least 500MB -1GB)

ExitLag featured in ARM, a word from the CMO:

ExitLag is a service developed from players to players. With ExitLag you can get rid of connection problems. Our innovative multipath system allows the user to get the best performance in sending and receiving packages that results in lower ping and excellent connection stability. ExitLag solves ISP, Route, Jitter, Packet Loss and ethernet problems. The software was designed especially for gamers, thinking of all the requirements, so the interface is intuitive and easy to use. The ExitLag system has several differentials that other competitors do not have:

– Multiple route system (Multipath)
– Support for over 120 games
– Multi internet system (it is possible to count two different internet networks)
– Automatic route optimisation system
– The most efficient optimisation algorithm on the market.
– Servers on whole world
– FPS boost ( A free tool that helps with FPS )

When playing AION you will feel the game smooth, consequently the actions will be fast obtaining better DPS and the response time of the game will help in the overall performance. You can also play on your location or other one with ExitLag, enjoy the performance to its best.

join our Discord server!

Discord: there is now a Discord server for ARM and where you can ask questions and get support:

What’s next? for ARM 3.0 I will add network mode, so the data will be gathered from the network instead, thus no longer needing the chat.log. I will then also add healing meter and support for the Korean client and any EU language packs available.



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5 years ago

admin,how to use for aion(TW),I use for TW,but it’s false? what can i do next?

5 years ago
Reply to  admin

the TW client is version 6.5,and the version 7.0 will be at June 12

5 years ago

Hey there, I hope you’re doing well. Good job with the update btw!

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