App Update

  • Added HotKey for session upload window (.upload)
  • Added HotKey for items library window (.item)
  • Added “custom hotkeys” to the full list of hotkeys and removed custom ones
  • Merged the stats for “mobs” and “kills” displayed on the status bar into “kills”
  • Added HP/GP points (only for EU until next update) to the status bar (click on it to switch between exp/kills/ap/kinah etc)
  • Removed the variable $mobs$ from UI styles design
  • Added the variable $hpgp$ to UI styles design to show your Honor/Glory Points
  • Added a UI mode for the main UI style to show your Honor/Glory Points
  • Fixed: EXP gain from Tower of Challenge is now processed (not sure what’s the name in NA)
  • Sessions in “My Sessions” window now show the latest uploads on top

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