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Update: “Fast Startup”

September 3rd, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

Little tweak I found on the Facebook EU group:

Apparently this is just a switch to let Aion load in some sort of “safe”(r) mode after a crash or some error, which makes the loading time much much longer..

The FB post suggests making the file read-only so that you never have to re-do this process again, so I added this little tweak in ARM’s launch feature, but without the read-only setting. Each time you run Aion from ARM it will first check that file and re-set those values to 1 so that there’s no need to lock the file as read-only. The feature will be ON by default after this udpate, and works only for EU and AionLegend clients (can’t run NA Aion from ARM).


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I love this … my client is much faster now.
Usually my 2nd client was slow as hell .. with this “fix” even the 2nd one is fast again.


OH god thank you !!!!!!!!!!!


Hola, nice sugestion, its workes reyl nice,but question is iif this is bannable? what do you think?