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  • Updated OpenSSL libraries
  • Added support for Japanese/asian locale system to load/save/upload sessions
  • Major processing speedup (~65% faster average, up to ~3x in some cases)

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i use it..
Because English is unskillful, I need to use a 100 % translator

Let me translate it several times and write it down.

Please let me know what I should do. I’ll translate it. Then I’ll do what I tell you to do.


Since I have multiple accounts, I can lend you a loan. Please tell me before you use it because you have to pay for it.

But isn’t that a difficult part for me to help with the VPN? I’d like to help if there’s anything to help.

Is there any mail or other way that I can tell you the account?


Accounts can provide plenty of money. But how does vpn unite?

Where can I tell your account? And tell me if it’s clear or not.

Payment must be made.


Hello. I am Korean. Can you make the rain meter possible on Korean servers? I ask you a translator.


Hello, don’t know if it is already know but i am unable to start the game in 64bit with AMR, it always crash when the game’s window is apprearing.

Here’s the crash events if that can help with the call stack:
comment image
comment image

Having no issue with the standard 64bit client launched by the GF Launcher, only with ARM when using the 64bit option (tried every options toggled on / off with 64, no change so i guess it comes directly from the 64 bit launch by ARM)


ARM is the best toolkit! Thanks for your hardly work.
But unfortunately, i’m living in China now, and this tools seems didn’t support Chinese version client, a sad story…