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Did you know, your dps and being fast in pvp depends -mostly- on your ping. People with 20-40ms have a extreme advantage over others with better gear but worse ping like 70-80 and higher. Have you noticed how average players (even clickers) who don’t even do anything but PVE still manage to do some decent dps? It’s all because of low ping.

If your ISP sucks like mine, there are some ways you can improve it a little:

1) Request your ISP to change your ADSL from “Interleaving” to “FastPath”.

This can in many cases go as far as halving your ping, or reduce it by 40-50 or more, but many ISPs don’t want to do it (like mine).

2) Change some Windows’ registry settings called TCPAckFrequency/TCPNoDelay/MSMQ.

You have probably heard of “Leatrix” and recently others like Nima or something like that.. all these apps do the same, they modify these registry settings in Windows. ARM does it as well, going even one step further than those with a setting they don’t change. In my case this reduced my ping from 300-350 to ~150

In ARM you can use this in the Help menu > Ping/Latency fix. You must run ARM as admin for this, and then click on “Fix all…” if it’s enabled.

2014-09-01 - 08.58.41 ~ capture

3) Use a proxy service like Exitlag.

This is the option that will help the most. A big issue with your connection to the game servers is the routing, your data hops through servers at many different locations, which adds more and more delay on each jump. With Exitlag what you are doing is connecting to their servers instead, and from there on they relay your connection to the game server through different paths than your ISP would otherwise choose, and they greatly optimize the way your data is sent to them. Even if you have a low ping without it, due to Gameforge using very cheap servers and throttling connections from outside Germany, you might often have lag spikes and general stability issues.

My ping right now without BP, at around 9AM CET in the morning, just idle in Sanctum with almost no one around:

2014-09-01 - 08.58.30 ~ capture

with BP:

2014-09-01 - 09.05.35 ~ capture

Can you see the difference?

1) lower ping
2) stable ping without spikes


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9 years ago

What info does GF ask for or need to unban your account for using this software? I really want to start using it again but as I havent spent a cent on gameforge Im worried I wont get my account unbanned if it happens..

9 years ago

I keep getting banned for “security reasons” when i use battle ping :(

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