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New data.pak

Here’s a new NA data.pak for European 4.5 Aion with a few fixes:

The current data.pak from NA’s April 2014 client had several issues for the EU client, like displaced buttons on NPC windows and other stuff (their client is a newer version than EU)
The Jan 2014 data.pak which works for EU client does not have those issues, but it does have many errors in the items DB, like this:

Modor’s Staff and Cane both say “Staff”, so at first it’s not clear which one is the chanter or cleric version. Other errors I found were in Idians, like Magical Attack and Magical Defense Golden Idian both saying “Magical Attack”:

2014-04-13 - 13.34.58 ~ capture -> 2014-04-13 - 14.02.32 ~ capture

so I took the items database from the April’s NA pak and put it in the working Jan. one, to get both the correct UI windows and items database mixed into a new pak:!uhwkUILY!MJwVsjho_OYUnf8KntvDX3CYXYszklq2HfmGs7XHqZU

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This modified version of the pack randomly crashes the game client, when with the previous one of 9th April there are no problems




Humm there are some translation bugs i found, and also the windstream bug if the game is opened in a 64x bits way

The water spirit is now called: Water Spirit Hatchling Hatchling, some new 4.5 artifacts in the abyss have some korean characters

And also some items with its description in korean. I haven’t checked this datapack you’re providing, tho I’ll test it and will tell you if you’re interested


in which folder i must put it?