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Gameforge rip-off (again)

So GF put up the 100% supps in the shop again, check the prices:


NA price: 479 coins = 4,2 euro
GF price: 399 coins = 25 euro

GF is charging 6 times more, for the most outdated and incomplete version of Aion out of all the publishers (every other region has been on 4.5 for a while, and didn’t remove all the things GF did, like FTS, drop rates, and many other things).

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I am surprised that people still even react to this stuff, it is clear that GameForge is literally “milking” people off their cash while saying “it is not pay to win, since anyone can buy it”. Considering how many people play a Free2play(or Free2pay as GF does it) in countries where the monthly wage does not reach the 30% of average German income, it IS becoming Pay2win since only people from rich countries can actually afford spending cash for the expensive stuff(and it is only god-damn data). People want to play a Free2play game since they do not have the… Read more »

GF is just annoying… a lot of legion members wanted to buy the 100% supps but then they saw the price Oo


Sounds like them