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Gameforge and European commerce laws violation

The article is in German but somewhat readable with Chrome’s auto translate.

threatened with a fine of up to € 250,000 or imprisonment of up to six months for the board of the company.

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New Stuf

First read this: its the same from the Theard:

and now look at this:
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0.0 The law does not interest gameforge, they have no respekt from the staid :(


Look at the Gameforge Aion Forum? Did you see it?

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1. No nivo on Aion GF?
2. Gameforge makes only mischief
3. ….
4. Gameforge sucks
6. Why GF not banning Bots and hackers?
8. He got banned because he report to many bots

Whats wrong with Gameforge? Sorry but they are so fucking assholes.

Syaoran [Kromede]

You forgot about the part where hackforge is selling AP. Shugo instance – Selling rolls and keys. More chests in tia! Selling keys! I wonder how long 4.0 will last, ppl will be full within a month or so and then the servers will be dead again.