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Gold Pack serves no purpose

Back a year ago when Hackforge acquired the European Aion userbase, they said something like “gold pack will prevent bots and goldsellers etc”, implying the system would prevent that and also provide the support staff for it and a better customer service. The GP costs 10 euro/month ($13).

I see our money is put to good use preventing botters and goldselling, and not just inflating their income with this bullshit model, the worst in the entire history of Aion publishers: pay-to-win + required subscription + botting + goldselling + no GM staff + no customer service.

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“You have been banned from Aion EU forums for the following reasons: Continued asking players to join NA servers, attacking and provoking other players and never posting anything constructive. We tolerate players from NA servers on these forums, but what you are doing is neither welcome by the players nor by the staff members here. After the ban you will get one final chance to stay polite and constructive and not flame against neither players nor GF at all. One more negative word from you and you will be permanently banned from these forums.” The censorship,but doesnt matter GF aion… Read more »


i did quit while ago when i saw how the game turned out to be by the published “GameForge” and their abuse of many things beside milking money from their customers/players beside countless other things.


Yeah i agree 100% this is why I decided to quit Aion for good 2 days ago. Actually after nearly 3yrs of playing the game, I hate it now and it’s all thanks to Failforge. I was thinking to start fresh in NA but don’t have enough energy to do it.
Drop dead Gameforge!!!