In-game surveys, US NC vs Hackforge


Spams users with in-game surveys to direct them to their cash shop, most times without any special event or bonus, just a reminder that they can buy stuff at the shop. This while the European version managed by hackforge has a subscription fee (through gold pack, 10 euro), is Pay-2-win, allows hackers and botters, has nothing you could call customer service, GMs who play the game abusing their powers, their staff keeps threatening and banning users in the forums for no good reasons and behave like a dictatorship built by their abusive practices, showing a complete lack of respect towards the players who pay for their wages.

2013-06-10 - 20.30.55 ~ capture ~

NA Aion:

Sometimes gives a survey to remind players about the Atlas feature, which is free, through which they can claim lots of useful and free rewards like manastones, dyes, enchant stones, some beginner pvp jewels:
At the same time, they are comepletely free, no hidden subscription, great support, polite and kind mods and customer support staff who treat players as people.

2013-06-13 - 15.55.33 ~ capture


Something goes wrong with the servers, reboot, some bug etc, what do they do?

Hackforge: one or more of the following:

  • Deny any issues
  • Blame it on the players
  • Ignore it
  • Threat and ban users who complain in the forums
  • Give absolutely no reward
  • Take no responsibility
  • Find any worthless and ridiculous excuse why it happened


NA Aion:

Polite message from the staff and a little reward

2013-06-13 - 02.14.54 ~ capture ~


Where do you wanna play?


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9 years ago

I can´t really start playing on NA, sadly because of ping issues, since I play as an assassin.. 100ms will not be a very good option for me, though I would love to change to na. :CC

11 years ago

GF i hate GF 0.0 please destory GF :)
Now im playing on NA, but one problem no german language but its ok :)

11 years ago

I would love to play on NA, but the time difference + starting totally from scratch sux :(

11 years ago

Started playing on NA.Wisest choice ever.

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