Small update – Pando “Media Booster”

  • Small patch with some small bug fixes
  • Added a check on start-up for US Aion’s “Pando Media Booster”. This program is required by their launcher whenever there is a patch to the client, and stays installed after the update, stealing bandwidth from players’ computers without their knowledge. ARM will now always check for this on start up and give a warning to the unaware players.

Needless to say, you should uninstall this after every update, through control panel, programs and features, locate “Pando..” and uninstall.

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11 years ago

Pando Media Booster is NOT required to update or patch the client. You can completely uninstall and disable PMB from ever installing! You can even do this whether it is a first install or a reinstall. Go to the following path (wherever you installed Aion): C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSoft\Launcher\Config\Default Move the ‘Games.xml’ file to your desktop (cut and paste or just drag and drop) Open the Games.xml file and replace true with false. Just replace ‘true’ with false’, do that throughout the file, save it, then set the file to READ ONLY. Now replace it back in the proper directory and… Read more »

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