Hackforge staff: “our computers have viruses”

What hope is left for our accounts security when the staff themselves admit to not being able to secure their own computers? They have mod and admin powers to manage your account, with the forum and game account being linked and the same.

Then someone gets their game account hacked, and the staff is quick to point fingers elsewhere “our systems are safe, you probably got trojans or bought gold or used hacking apps”, while it’s more than apparent for already 15 months of “service” their systems are the most unsafe I’ve ever seen in the history of mmo publishers.

2013-05-28 - 14.25.58 ~ capture ~ [Mazui]_Hyouka_-_11.5_[3C10E2F9] - MPC-BE x64 - v1.1.0.1 -dev



Look also what this guy said, pure technological wisdom

don’t install Java unless you really need it. That whole thing is just a big mess. Someone can even mess up your registry entries through that.

I don’t think I’ve read such a nonsensical noobish rubbish comment like that for a very very long time, this guy screams of “I know as much about computers and stuff as a rat”. This is one of the support staff banning forum and game accounts under “multi-accounting” offenses, none of which he was ever able to prove to anyone.

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11 years ago

Actually Java has been a security mess for a while. Not only there are a lot of security issues being discovered on fairly regular basis, but also Oracle takes its sweet time fixing them.
It’s bad enough for Apple to automatically pull Java from customers browser using auto update.

11 years ago

This is little old news, but if you think Java is 100% safe you’re wrong http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/12/3867332/department-of-homeland-security-disable-java

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