European drop rates

Did a little test today:

I mentored an elyos char from 1 to 7 in Poeta, from the start up to the end of the zone, first in a US server, then in a Euro one (Gameforge), and looted only white and green items.

These are the results:

US: at this point I had bags full and had to skip loot for at least another 10 drops (w/g),

2013-04-23 - 04.20.18 ~ capture ~


Euro server:

2013-04-23 - 04.19.31 ~ capture ~



GF always denied having lower rates than what we had with NC and what they currently have in the US, going as far as -BANNING- users in the forums who even suggest otherwise, with reasons like “spreading lies about gameforge”, and then threatening with closing your game account if you insist. But here you have it, downright facts. Gameforge behave like a dictatorship or mafia, silencing users and abusing their Euro presence to rake in on users’ misery.

It’s really sad to see our beloved game in the hands of these parasites, destroying the game in Europe bit by bit.




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11 years ago

GF: this test means nothing, you were just unlike, bsbsbsbbs, we can’t change drop rate, bsbsbsbsbsbs, just buy a bot and pay us so we don’t ban him.

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