Gameforge “3.9” patch: worst move ever

Gameforge redefined the word fail with yesterday’s update. To everyone’s shock, they screwed up even worse than anyone could ever imagine or expect.
You are a shame to all European gamers and videogame companies, you put this region to shame.


  • Live stream event was a bullshit facade full of lies and avoiding all questions. The project lead/manager didn’t even know half the basic things about the game, “I’ll have to ask that”, “ehh I don’t know”, “I’m not sure..”
  • We still didn’t get level 60 rifting
  • We still didn’t get a normal FTS
  • We still can’t socket armors
  • We still can’t use blue manastones
  • Instance that should be 12h became 46h (for subscription users, 112h for others)
  • Tons of bugs and misstranslations, maps in game are even in Korean
  • Noone has an idea of “new” arena times, if they were even changed (we have 4 hours less than US)


amongst other crap they pulled

Congratulations GF, you beat everyone’s expecations on how much you could fail with this.

Can you imagine what they’ll pull with 4.0? :D

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11 years ago

We should launch a huge campaign against Game-Forge and force them to bid to the players will or hurt their income real bad to actually make them shut down the game and give it back to NC or another publisher, i hate to see such a master piece like Aion getting ruined day by day by GF, they are such a horrible publisher, rainy team i know we can do it i can supply with ideas and we can get most of EU players together to do this, they are sick of GF and current Aion EU Status.

11 years ago

Want to say my opinion about gameforge support team. 4 Days ago i got suspension for “Acount sales” which never ever happened in my playing history in aion which is almost 3 years in total right now. The thing is my acount 8 months was hacked while i was on vacation and that hacker was trying to sell it, and gameforge just ignoring me without going deeper into current situation.

Gameforge going down in my eyes every day

11 years ago

I’m sure they will listen to the community and they will release 4.0 w/o new classes, because that’s exactly what we want.

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