Europe gets patch 3.0.2 tomorrow.

Rejoice European players, we are finally getting 3.0.2 tomorrow!

You heard it’s 3.9? Wrong:

  • 3.1 was supposed to bring FTS and higher drop rates: didn’t happen
  • 3.5 still didn’t have FTS or higher rates, and arena times were even decreased
  • 3.7/3.9: still no FTS. (we get FTS with normal exp. when it should be double as in US and every other zone, so it’s unusable). Missing higher drop rates in TF/TS (US have already 300% general higher rates than EU). Higher instance CDs. and a lot more differences..

Here are the EU official (amateur) notes, from the official staff:

The notes are extremely messy, misstranslated (probably google translate), some parts left in german, many things not even mentioned (3v3 arena?), korean client screenshots, some parts shamefully copied from the US notes (US instance names in these notes..), what a shame.

Is this where the staff wages go to? They even talk to the community as if we should be thankful they are barely doing their job..

Here are the proper US notes, at least they are understandable:


Forum threads:

2013-04-16 - 16.40.18 ~ capture ~ COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater

2013-04-16 - 16.40.30 ~ capture ~ COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater


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11 years ago

Its a joke not update.NA,KR,CHINA,RUS wont even had 3.9 update in whole aion history wtf is this shit

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