Gameforge is deceiving us all

Have you ever got a ban in GF forums for saying we have lower drop rates than NC US? Yes? and the lovely mod said something like “you got warned for spreading lies about gameforge”.
It’s all too common since a year ago when people noticed ESO runs were giving approx. 30% of what we used to get before the move to GF. Today I was talking to a friend who plays in the US with NC, and it went like this: (screenshot is from a Euro server)



[05:01:05] x: wow…I had a blue the other day and easily got 42k out of it alone…
[05:11:16] x: wow….
[05:11:20] x: I had a gold once
[05:11:22] x: 126k
[05:11:24] x: :/
[05:11:28] x: gameforge /sigh
[05:11:50] x: jesus XD
[05:11:55] x: on a bad day i had 76k

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11 years ago

After the 50% increased drop rate event, it feels like they lowered the usual drop rate. I was getting at least 2 blues per run in Sky Fortress, and now it’s the 4th day in a row i haven’t got a single one (not to mention no white drops from trash mobs either)..

11 years ago

Unless NA got a boost, figures are coherent with the korean power wiki:
gold : 34k AP // 2.87 platine // 0.59 L110
blue : 18K AP // 0.76 plat
green : 5.7K AP // 0.2 plat

But the banhammer on the english forum/server seems lightweight and easy to swing…

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