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  • Some small bugfixes
  • Removed some boss names used by players, as they were being ignored by the parser. So now you will see them in the meter as if they were players, but you can block them anytime by right-clicking on the playerbox/”Ban Player (permanent)” and they won’t up again (the players either). You can unblock them in the main menu settings/”Edit banned players”.
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No it isn’t because of the chatlog file, ARM collects no more informations on x64 aion after restarting ARM when AION x64 running..

hello, i have a problem with that update. If I have Aion started in advance, and when I start ARM next, the ARM propably can’t find the AION process to collect the dmg data :( I must to exit the current opened Aion process and must restart it over the ARM :( That could be annoying for a long time… Furthermore I have seen, that the dps will not be showed when I am currently fighting on a boss/monster and switch the option “All mobs” to another to see the really current dps of all players in my list on… Read more »