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Update 1.6

January 26th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


  • ARM shutting down
  • Error with Euro servers when relogging a character “”” is not a valid.. “
  • Templar recognized as sin (gameforge fault with wrong skill names)
  • Damage from TF instance at boss where you are transformed moved to Unknown
  • Additional fixes for boss and mob skill names for the 3.5 client
  • “Wow” bars style
  • Item library/item descriptions when you loot. Some items didn’t translate from [item….] into their correct names, this is now fixed.

Note that the item library is using the correct US client names, the European version has modified a lot of item names with nonsense stuff (cloth gloves=gauntlets, chest=doublet.. srsly? -.-)

Update #2:

  • Fixed wow style display, no text if you unchecked the margin option
  • Fixed displaying PVP data in arenas with anon players “Contestant x”


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