More user accounts hacked in Europe, GF’s at fault again



Another account has been hacked under similar circumstances as what happened a while ago, where GF own staff are suspected of stealing player accounts. Almost 3 days gone by, the user has not received a single reply from support.

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11 years ago

We actually need to start some protests or Demonstrations inside the game against Gameforge policy, we could also write a petition to Ncsoft signed with thousands of players to take back Aion EU there is many ways to pressure down at GF and NC, but we gonna need alot of players to come together
i made a facebook page related to Aion and when it grows enough i will try to put this ideas to action here is a link

Kail aka Kale40 from Metin2 Uk
Kail aka Kale40 from Metin2 Uk
11 years ago

This is pissing me off its the same freaking scenario. Anyone want a twitter+fb group to take down these mfs?

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