All that’s wrong with Gameforge

  • Clueless staff. Most of their staff have no clue about Aion, they even admit to it in the forums.
  • Lower drops than we had with NC, around ~30%. Even now with 3.1 the rates are different.
  • Gold pack. NC doesn’t have this bs.
  • Extremely long maintenance times. NC used to take 2-3 hours at most. Average time with GF 5-6 hours. Last one took them 15 hours.
  • Maintenance times. With NC there was a good reason, their staff was in the US, so they performed the maintenance at the same time in the US and Europe, so while US had their servers down at the lowest population times during the night, we had it at morning. With GF this should have changed as the staff is now in Europe, but they still do in the morning..
  • Lag. When GF took over most people had a 40-50ms ping increase.
  • No live profiles. They promised to give it before the takeover, but it never happened, never will. All the My Aion features we had with NC are gone.
  • No Vet Rewards. We only got the old ones owned to us from our NC account, after 6 months of complaints. They promised to give additional rewards of their own after that for every gold pack used, but it never happened either.
  • Slow updates. GF is the only publisher still stuck in 3.1, and they were in 3.0 only 2 weeks ago! while every other region (US, Korea, China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan) have already been in 3.5 for a long time. 3.0 came 6 months after US had it.
  • Incomplete updates. Every other region got FTS (Fast-Track-Server) with the 3.1 update, we didn’t. They won’t even do it for the 3.5 update next year (estimated near Summer 2013, when all others will be with 4.0).
  • We didn’t even get patch notes for 3.1 yet.
  • No security at all. No SSL in their website for login etc. No master account like we had with NC, if your game or -forum- account is stolen, they got your game stuff as well.
  • Very poor server security. Lots and lots of players are getting their accounts hacked with no apparent signs of misuse by the user.
  • Account PIN is useless with GF, if someone gets hold of your account, they can change your password, email, and PIN without any authorization from your part.
  • No events. They either never do events or just copy/paste old NC ones, which most of the time don’t work properly.
  • Last event they tried ended up with half the players moving tanks to PVP areas like the eye to abuse other players.
  • Halloween event was again a copy of NC’s, very late and only after complaints from players.
  • Sometimes they even stopped events at a completely different time than usual without any notice to the users, and refused to put the NPCs back so players could get their rewards.
  • Exp/droprate events are only half the % of NC’s.
  • Still keeping “safe” areas of Gelk/Inggi while every other publisher removed them.
  • Absolutely no support. The first months of takeover tickets took an average 45-60 days to get an -automated- reply. After that, they now take days if even replied, most times just an auto-reply and closed unless you complain.
  • No support at evenings, weekends, and festive days. What a joke. Make a ticket on Thursday, no reply until Monday.
  • Complete leniency towards hackers and cheaters. Back in spring they -unbanned- ALL the hackers who had been previously -perma- banned with clear proofs of cheating, under a “2nd chance” rule. No penalty whatsoever. If anyone gets banned for cheats nowadays, they are out of the game for 2-3 days and that’s it. That’s after weeks of sending proofs to GF with clear videos from dozens of players. Euro servers now have more players using hacks than otherwise.
  • Cash shop is a joke. They don’t have all the useful items the players would actually like, as opposed to US NC.
  • Cash items are extremely expensive. 50 euro for a mount, 25-30 euro for some skins which can be used only once. 20-25 euro for pets (per character).
  • They even have the nerve to excuse the lack of FTS with not ruining “PVP” (ganking of lowbies), while they sell p2w items in the shop you can’t even get through other means.
  • Extremely buggy forum. Login issues were explained and reported 9 months ago, still nothing fixed. They even ban users for complaining about not being able to use their forums. Most of the players can’t even use them nowadays (cookie issue with guest overriding your login).
  • Lots of issues with purchased items not delivered after days, and then players get banned if they take the payment back over the items they didn’t receive.
  • Forum staff playing like they were supreme dictators high on cocaine. They blatantly lie to everyone, and ban users if they contradict the lies and ask for discussion about all kind of matters.
  • Forum mods ban players without any reasons, or make them up and lock them out of being able to complain about it. They aren’t even told why they are banned, as they receive a PM in the forum -after- they got banned, so they can’t even read them. If you ask about the ban after your account is restored, they ban you again without further explanation. They also ban users for “foul language” (as they deem.. not really), while they use all kind of insults themselves and go unpunished.
  • No support. Forum mods ban your game support area so they don’t have to comply with their obligations and explain their actions.
  • Emailing “higher ups” and even faxing their office gets absolutely no reply either.
  • That’s right ^ they block your account from support tickets area, thus denying you of support over paid services. This is not even legal in the EU.
  • GMs abusing their power in-game. Players are getting banned inside arenas seconds after gliding a fear: the GM you played against logs their GM account and bans you for using a well known and working as intended game mechanics. They will also ban you if you engage a boss they are on at the same time for a dps race. People recently got banned during a Sunakaya kill, with the GM insulting the other alliance leader, and right after boss died, the player was insta banned. Support told the player he shouldn’t hit a boss other people were hitting oO most likely the same GM who banned him. This was a big scandal recently in their forums, with the support lead promising to investigate it, but eventually nothing was done and the threads were all locked and users complaining banned.
  • Game launcher completely unfriendly, with no option to stop it from overwriting custom voice packs unless you skip the launcher completely through other means.
  • Extremely low populated servers. Most of them have maybe 1000 players on both sides together; that’s including a LOT of lowbie players just new to the game and a HUGE amount of bots, goldsellers and spammers. GF refuses to merge the servers.
  • Players getting banned for using ping reducers, with half the staff contradicting each other about whether it’s allowed.
  • Hacked accounts don’t even get their items back, Gameforge will barely restore anything, as oposed to NCsoft, with all kind of lame excuses for not doing so.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Gameforge ruined and killed our beloved game in Europe. If you are tired of all the bs, stop buying gold packs and any items from their shop, don’t buy them in-game either, maybe eventually they give up and we’ll get a decent publisher.

Most of the veteran players have already quit because of GF, and a LOT of people who’ve had issues with them, getting banned for no reason and trolled by their staff; players who had been part of this game for 3 years and -never- had a single issue when our region was managed by NCSoft.


Hello x,

Account x has been suspended for 3 days for attempting to steal the world boss from other alliances. The ban will end on Nov 18, 2012 8:27:21 PM.



So here is the thing: A LOT of Aion players are very disappointed in how GameForge runs the game back here in Europe. It is so bad that we are willing to start over on NA server.

I play now Aion NA because Gameforge sucks.

After attempting to endure GameForge’s management of Aion, I’ve finally decided that enough is enough.
Its a mess there guys… a mess.. AION is full of bugs.. 0 services. 0 events. 0 support. 0 listening to ppls. 0 of everything!!! Only gold spammers.Bugs. Hackers, Cheaters .. :/// GF messed up everything.. QQ I never tought i was missing ncsoft that much… :/
Just got from EU servers here,Gamforge destroyed Aion EU
Hi guys,just come from EU servers here,i cant stand anymore there,Gameforge destroyed Aion.
Hello from EU-Germany ! :) Hey i’m another former aion EU player. I think everybody know, that Gameforge destroy aion EU
I’ve recently left my gameforge days behind me (for many reasons, but I cant pretty much sum them up for all of you by saying: Gameforge sucks, badly.)
I am tired of Gameforge, and willing to even play with 200-300 ms to escape that, I like Aion. Take AION EU Back :(
GameForge is FAILING “REAL” BAD running AION.
Ok alot of EU players moved to NA because they Hated GF

I know there is Gameforge, but i do know also that Gameforge is ruining the game

Please change the contract with Gameforge. Take back all old NC accounts from Gameforge

Gameforge now even threatens people to ban them from Aion if they post the truth about Gameforge failing on Aion.

After witnessing fail after fail not only of GMs but Failforge as company who is horrible publisher. I want to get refund

I think that few GMs are actually invovled in protecting hackers, and in possible real world gold trading sites
I’m sick and tired of the abuse we’re all being subject to.
I’ve re-read the 54th time the forum rules and I haven’t broken any, yet I keep receiving forum warnings from certain mods which would appear they own the place.

etc etc etc etc etc.


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5 years ago

NCSOFT servers are way more better. However bit laggy and lonely. Yet, you pay only for cosmetics. AION is not the first game Gameforge fucked up. We have a fucking “The Exiled Realm of Arborrea” yeah, TERA!

9 years ago

I had issues with GameForge before with old their titles mostly browser based, when they sucking my credit card for big money and wrnt give any customer support, waiting for automated respond for week+. When I sawed GF take EU AION servers my first thought was a joke, because Gameforge is a joke company, without customer support with no-brain employers. GameForge was shit company then 2005 when I first time meet them and today… soem things dont change. Still didnt get my AION veteran status back …. as old NCSoft AION suscriber. I am moving to NA servers to play… Read more »

10 years ago

I totally agree with this. I have played since the beta of Aion with ncsoft. Then I quit when GF came. The beauty of this game was still brings tear to my eyes. The memories I will never forget, best game I ever palyed. Loved it hated it but most of all I truly miss it. I cannot even describe how much I miss the old aion. If there was a chance I would fly myself back to 2008 and relive the amazing times I had. Tears are rolling over my cheecks whilst writing this… The amazing support NCsoft offered… Read more »

Sad Asmodian Daeva
Sad Asmodian Daeva
11 years ago

I play Aion since 2009 on EU (DE). I miss the old NCSoft Time. Gameforge can’t even develop a simple online character- or legion search, like NCSoft had. I remeber when i can login on the ncsoft aion homepage, to check if i got an new ingame message. The EU Aion forum is so buggy. Gameforge publishes an online mmo and can’t setup a simple php forum? For me (Software Developer) this is a shame, if i would develop nyerk stuff like this, my boss would kick my ass. I also can’t understand why we get updates so late. Whats… Read more »

11 years ago

I moved to NA servers after about 2 months in GameFail. High ping is totally worth it.

11 years ago

What needs to be done in my opinion, is the player-base to get organized. What about a mass protest? All players not logging in for 2-3 days. ( I know this can’t be done completely but if at least 75-80% of players do it the rest will follow.) This will send a clear message to GF on WHO IS THE FUCKING BOSS of this game… Not the incompetent gms, not the clueless GF administration but the actual player-base who are the customers and give money so this game stays alive… Lets make them regret ruining our beloved game… and that’s… Read more »

11 years ago

I was one of the idiots that when GF took over actually believed it would be an improvent “how much worse can it get?” thats what i said to a few players.
About what you mentioned, thats exactly what i think and said to alot of players already, what’s happening with Aion Eu, its getting completely out of control.

Really wish there was something we could do get rid of gameforge.

11 years ago

We can only hope Gameforge will give in to satisfying community’s needs when they will see their profits dropping dramatically. If they keep having such low quality services, only freeloading people will remain – who don’t spend real money in games anyway.

11 years ago

i tried to join na, still have it in my pc, but too laggy even with wtfast i still have 180-200 or more ping

11 years ago

Surprise surprise! :P

Seriously, GTF TO NA WITH US!

3.5 and 3.7 is coming veery soon. JOOOIN USSS. Experience the magic of the Fast Track Server.

11 years ago

hey, im an eu player, i play on nexus…i agree with u with almost all, maybe i don’t agree with what u think about the shop, i think that shop is fine like that maybe they have just to lower price a bit, coz i think if they put all the item that are on us shop there, it will be a pay2win game and isn’t funny xD about the long time for update, it’s always about the translation of the 3 language, french and german language are really useless i think, but they want to keep it so they… Read more »

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