1.5 beta

Major changes in this update:

  • Updated NotAion launch code to work with their recent server change.
  • Added options to popup-menus in skills window to sum selected/all hits in the upper box.
  • Improved the copy format for skills in the skills window.
  • Added “Extended” menu to copy damage data beyond the 255-character limit of Aion client (can’t paste in-game).
  • Screenshots: fixed the issue where the screenshots contained the ARM window or the screenshotter itself if it launched over the Aion client (common issue to players with a single monitor).

Big addition: live filters

“Graphs/Analysis” menu has been removed in favor of a live version of the filters, which you can apply anytime to the current view, so new incoming data will also be filtered by class/mobs. Added also a button to show only PVP damage (without removing PVE data as was the case before). The copy data functions will also work with the filters, giving data only about the filtered view.

It hasn’t been¬†thoroughly¬†tested so beta status for now, please report any issues/bugs.

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