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“Your user account has been banned”

September 14th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Got my forum account banned for 3 days again :D (Gameforge)

That’s the sad state of the European version of Aion, where simply contradicting your opinion about drop rates against some mod gets you banned, they think really highly about themselves.

The worst offenders would be Lord_Fren and Seven, there must be something very wrong in their head. Either that or they are explicitly told to lie and ban users who expose the truths about the greedy business model they forcibly imposed on the userbase GF purchased.

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Oh yeah, 2nd 3 day ban. This time for “offtopic” in a thread after the OP question was answered.


I got 3 day ban for *joking* about mods being a being a bit nazi. Ironic isn’t it?


TBH, those two are the biggest trolls on the forums … I’ve crossed paths with either of them before and I’m not impressed by their attitudes or their professionality.

Take care!


‘Gameforge’ … Imo they should get back and stuck with their ‘metin’ or whatsoever they used to develop before aion. This company is such an epic failure!