• Improved Agrint schedule tool:

After checking the time, a timer will start, updating the ETA every second, as well as showing the time on the taskbar and flashing the button when there’s less than 30 minutes left.


  • New tab in the chat window: rolls

All rolls in-game will be detected and added to this new tab. When selected, 2 new buttons appear “clear rolls, sort rolls”. By clicking on sort, the rolls will be sorted from highest to lowest.


  • Changed the time between chat window pruning, from 1 to 5 minutes (1000 lines).
  • Added a button “scroll to bottom”. for the main chat tabs.
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11 years ago

I get an error Access violation at address 00407482 in module ‘AionRainMeter.exe’. Write of address FFFFFFC0. I have tried verifying that the file path is correct as said in past responses but that does not seem to work. It good when I am hitting a mob but its when a player takes damage I get this error. Please help me out.

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