Separate system.cfg editor

I’ve released a separate little app solely for editing the Aion system.cfg file (you can improve video performance through some of the settings there).

It was included in ARM as an additional tool, but it will be no longer included from the next version, for further compliance with the Aion Terms of Use, should they deem ARM as a bannable 3rd party tool due to its capability to edit the client settings.

There has been no statement however about this, only a couple posts from a clueless forum moderator who’s not even part of the paid staff: (while he’s actually breaking the ToS himself by using voice packs that don’t belong to the publisher, quite the hypocrisy -.- )

Other posts from a different mod however always said there is no issue with this and they aren’t banning anyone over using the meter.

But just in case and to be even safer from false claims about ARM breaking the terms of use, the editor part has been removed.


(Note. some users claim a noticeable performance increase by changing the video_MODEL_CACHE from 3 (default) to 0. I tried it myself but didn’t really notice any change)

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