Aliens stole some memory and doublebuffering!

Hi, here’s another update, 0.99 beta, almost there!

It looks like aliens somehow stole the doublebuffering in the main window, so you might have noticed some heavy flickering in sieges and some other graphical glitches. It seems they also managed to get away with some memory, so you might have experienced some memory leaks while loading sessions.

No panic though, we catched them all and the issues are fixed.

In the meantime, I made also some major speed improvements in the parsing core and my custom XML library, resulting in extremelly faster loading/saving of sessions and processing of log files. I tested with my largest siege file with 717 players and 3 million lines, the processing time was lowered from ~2:30 minutes to .. 7-8 seconds, now that’s an improvement :D

Added also some hints in the menus about their associated in-game commands like .dmg .ap etc

Also half-fixed: player search for US servers; it seems the old website is no longer working and I hadn’t noticed. However.. it won’t be filtered by server for now, just a quick fix. It seems the new website doesn’t allow starting a direct search filtered by server, but instead it filters the results after the initial search through a json/ajax query and modifies the page in-place without reloading; so it needs some additional work, it’ll be ready for 1.0.

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12 years ago

thx for your hard work, making our aionlife better ^^ thx

12 years ago

hey, an idea: you need to have a selection for the new tiamat server in US, also you need to make a new siege list for that

is a picture of a universal american siege list

12 years ago

Hi man, very good work like always… Can you put inside the total EXP gained from an instance ? Ap and damage is good but exp too ;)

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