Small update to 0.96

  • Updated hacker lists for Telemachus and Nexus.
  • Fixed an issue with the faction translator from Asmo to Elyos.
  • Session loading is now smoother.
  • Added “Help/Redownload latest update” , you can use this in case something went wrong while updating.
  • Added new feature Data/Class filters, to remove all classes from the current list except the one picked; useful in sieges to compare class dmg.
  • The updater is now embedded in the main arm executable, to ease updates of the.. updater. It will be extracted to “Appdata/Aion RainMeter” when needed automatically (antivirus might give a warning).

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If you didn’t know, on Aion US Vaizel and Zikel have been merged as of today into a new server called Tiamat.