0.92 beta


  • URL links displayed in the tray through a balloon message will now be skipped if it’s the same as last one
  • The last URL link can now be clicked through the tray icon menu (right-click)
  • Major DPS adjustments to some classes, you might see some differences from previous versions
  • DPS penalty from low damage dots has been minimized a bit
  • Asmodian Magma Spirit (2K) now supported
  • Spiritmaster energies are now supported (all 4 types), with correct timing/skill hits to avoid invalid data during siege
  • Fire pet from siege balaurs is now properly parsed
  • XML files (compressed) for loading/saving sessions have a small modification, it’s possibly you might encounter issues loading older ones
  • Removed all debug code (speed-up)
  • “Show process time” now also shows lines/s
  • Siege weapons are now recognized
  • Curse of weakness is now recognized and assigned to the caster
  • AP gain from mobs and pvp kills is now displayed
  • Added an option under every player’s menu to manually adjust the AP from relics
  • Added 2 buttons next to the server setting to Ping and Trace the IP
  • Modified terms of use regarding the detection of AionScript cheats


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