small 0.7 update

Updated the 0.7 beta client with the following changes:

– fix: when you ran a new instance from the menu, the new one didn’t load the settings/log path
– feature: added in the Tools menu: “Kill aion process”

In the last Aion 2,7 client they are forcing you to wait 10 seconds if you click on the X or alt-f4 etc to close the game. While I understand they do this to -try- stopping forceloggers in pvp, ┬áit’s really an annoyance and not really stopping anyone to do so, there are always ways around that; I’m used to close the game just normally like that when running in windowed mode, so this was really annoying. The feature might be a bit controversial and against the EULA? I don’t know.. but then, if this was bannable, they might as well ban you for using Windows to start with since you can just kill the aion process from the task manager as well, so w/e.

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12 years ago

Is there a way to change how it lists the DPS meter? Currently it’s based on whoever does the most damage is at the top. I really don’t care who does the most damage, I want to know who does the highest DPS. And if there is no way, do you plan to fix it?

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